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John Perrin said:   December 18, 2014 7:44 am PST
To MARK MITCHELL I was also stationed at Dong Ba Thin during the EM Club Shooting. I need to contack you. John Perrin jperrin1248@yahoo.com 850-454-6522

Jose E. Martinez said:   October 23, 2014 8:15 pm PST
My E-mail address is Josecyber@aol.com My Phone # (256) 239-3266

Jose E. Martinez said:   October 23, 2014 8:11 pm PST
1970-1972: 630th MP Company...Cam Ranh, LZ Betty (Phan Thiet), Pahn Rang and Da Lat MP Detachments. Would love to hear from any of my great MP amigos, especially those from Landing Zone Betty (Phan Thiet) and Pahn Rang MP Detachments...and 82nd MP Company, 82nd Airborne Division(1970 prior to RVN duty).

Chuck Daly said:   March 28, 2014 12:13 pm PST
I served with the 127th MP Co in Qui Nhon and in Cam Ranh Bay and then with the 560th MP Co in Pleiku and Qui Nhon. My buddy Paul Almon served with the 630th. We went to Vietnam together and split after In-Country Training in Long Binh. I got to see him once at the 630th Company area. I'm still in touch with Paul.

MARK MITCHELL said:   December 13, 2013 6:47 pm PST
I served w/183rd Recon Airplane Company "Seahorse" at Dong Ba Thin. I am searching for MPs who responded to triple murder at the House of Jacks EM club night of 3 Nov 71. A 'Black Power' grunt from the 1/22 Inf. murdered one of our men & 2 others from the 192nd AHC. Dude told CID he had "been wanting to kill for sometime". These men died needlessly just because they were in wrong place, wrong time. I have ID of shooter, now searching for CM records. The family of our troop was only told their son was killed by "friendly fire'. Now they know the truth. Of the other 2 casualties mentioned, Army informed one family their son was victim of "Homicide". 3rd dead troops' family was informed by Dept. of Army he had been victim of "unintentional homicide". Department of Army just couldn't get their act straight~!!~With any luck I may even locate the CID investigator. If you can help me and Jim Godfrey of the 192nd AHC Association, we will be very appreciative. Welcome Home Brothers~!

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