630th Military Police Company, Republic of Vietnam

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This page is dedicated to the members of the 630th Military Police Company who lost their lives in Vietnam.

You Will Not Be Forgotten

The Wall at Night

SP/4 Lee Joseph Boudreaux, Jr.
12/2/1966 in Laos

From: John Mott (Tuesday, January 11, 2000)

Lee was stationed in my squad with the 630th MP Company, Vietnam in 1966. He had been in the Army from 1955-58 and prior to his second enlistment was a Policeman in New Orleans. He was on voluntary TDY from our Company to the 1st Aviation Bn when he was KIA. The mission he went on where he lost his life was a volunteer mission to extract Special Forces troops that were pinned down. This man was older and more mature than most of the guys in the 630th. He was our friend and mentor. I think of you often, Lee I am with you in spirit

SP4 Lee Joseph Boudreaux, Jr. is honored on Panel 13E Row 3 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

SGT Cecil Eugene Little
4/20/1967 in Vietnam

Let us not forget Sergeant Cecil Eugene Little casualty of the Vietnam War.

SGT Cecil Eugene Little is honored on Panel 18E Line 053 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

SP4 Alfred Bennett Cafrelli
4/21/1968 in Vietnam

Let us not forget SP4 Alfred Bennett Cafrelli casualty of the Vietnam War

From: Drew Bain

Al was a friend. Our friendship started at Fort Sheridan in June 1967 where both Al and I were stationed. Al was the type of person that did not have any enemies, as he was able to get along with every one. Al's tragic death had a profound effect on the entire 630th MP Company due to Al's good nature and friendship. Al is sorely missed by all of those who had the privilege to know him. Al is in my prays always and I visit him on every trip to The Wall

Sp4 Alfred Bennett Cafrelli is honored on Panel 51E line 016 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

SP4 Raymond Earl Ott
3/23/1970 in Vietnam

Let us not forget SP4 Raymond Earl Ott casualty of the Vietnam War

SP4 Raymond Earl Ott is honored on Panel 12W of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.